Of the Precision capabilities customers cite as most critical, these four are mentioned most frequently.

Manufactured to your specifications: When catalog threaded screws and components will not do the job, Precision is the manufacturer of choice for OEMs. We pride ourselves on meeting the most exact specifications on runs of any size.

Breadth and depth of production capabilities: Our production capabilities are the finest in the industry. As you’ll find on our Products page, in Acme screws alone, we’re capable of producing diameters ranging from 3/16” to 8”, in lengths as long as the available material. And we work with the full range of materials, from stainless to aluminum, nitronic to Inconel, monel to alloy steel.

Manufacturing flexibility: Whatever your needs, we’re equipped to meet them. With our centerless grinding capabilities, for example, we can provide essentially a self-feeding process whose speed is ideal for mass producing high volumes of product. Learn more about our flexible manufacturing capabilities. 

Expert work force: We’re proud to point out that our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled workers whose longevity with our company averages 20+ years. Our engineers provide a century’s worth of experience in the industry. We’re all working from a foundation of 60+ years of company-wide experience in this very specialized arena.

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